Veganuary and Dry January

Veganuary and Dry January Opportunities

The start of the year brings change. In January, many people decide to make a change to their lives by either cutting out alcohol or animal products (or both!). This presents a great opportunity for brands to show off their ranges of non-alcoholic drinks and vegan products. Our team has collated some research into two of the most popular campaigns that encourage people to change their habits.
Dry January Crodino
Veganuary VFC

Industry research has found that between 2015 and 2020, sales in the no-and-low alcohol sector rose by 506%. 

Supporting this trend, a survey by Perspectus Global in December 2020 found that almost half of respondents (48%) were planning to participate in Dry January. 24% of them were doing so for the first time. This indicates that almost half of consumers who participate in Dry January do so repeatedly. This audience will potentially be on the lookout for new products in the market to trial.

Interestingly, research by Mintel found that younger males aged 18-34 were the biggest no/low alcohol trialists. Many were from the upper socio-economic group as they earned above £50K per annum and lived in big cities. Taking this into consideration with the fact that people aged 35 – 44 make up 27% of non-alcoholic consumers in the UK, means that there is a significant market for these products. 


Over 629,000 people signed up to Veganuary‘s 2022 campaign. Of those who participated, 98% would recommend Veganuary to a friend – meaning that the number of people looking for recommendations for vegan products and brands from their friends and family will inevitably grow too. In addition, over 1,540 new vegan products and menus were launched this year alone. There are also signs that Veganuary is rising in popularity and inspiring people to continue eating vegan past January. In the UK, the meat alternatives market has risen by 16.3% to £659.9m over the past yearAt least a third of the population are now eating a meat-reduced diet. 

Involvement in Veganuary is an effective way for businesses to generate a positive buzz whilst satisfying CSR goals. This is likely to raise the brand’s standing with Gen Z, who are typically more interested by veganism and represent the future consumers. They are a fitting audience to engage: the Youthsight’s State of the Youth Nation Tracker reveals that 11% of Gen Z identified as vegan or vegetarian in 2021.

With year-on-year growth and more low-and-no alcohol drinks brands and vegan products in the market, launching an experiential and/or sampling campaign can provide a fantastic platform for brands to differentiate themselves against other similar products. Out of home sampling activity in high footfall venues frequented by Gen Z and other target demographic groups would raise brand awareness significantly. 

We have worked with a range of vegan and low/no alcohol brands. Get in touch with us today to find the best space for your promotional campaign in January!

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