Spreading Love on Valentine’s Day

Romance consumers with your experiential promotion!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, brands have the opportunity to position themselves as the go-to products to gift to loved ones or treat themselves. A successful experiential activation during Valentine’s Day can raise brand awareness and even lead to the product becoming part of a couple’s love story, which is sure to inspire brand loyalty for years to come! We have placed a wide range of experiential activations related to Valentine’s Day in previous years which have spread positive vibes!

Valentine's Day activation M&S

Consumers love Valentine's Day

In 2021, 40 million Brits celebrated Valentine’s Day. The popularity of the day is obvious, as this is about 76% of the population. For 2022, Valentine’s Day spending increased by nearly 15%, jumping to £990 million.

According to research from Groupon.co.uk, 63% percent of UK consumers are planning to shop for Valentine’s Day. This means that brands have the opportunity to capitalise on consumers’ willingness to spend to make the most out of the celebrations! 

Brands have the chance to think outside the box in terms of what Valentine’s Day can stand for. Activations focused on friendship, familial love or self-love are sure to draw the eye of those who don’t celebrate the traditional way.

The key to consumers hearts is through their experiences. Don’t miss out on a great chance to promote your brand!

Examples of previous Valentine's activations

We have placed a wide range of activations on Valentines’ Day in previous years.

The day has been popular with brands and agencies looking to promote tourism. Both #LoveFlorida and #LoveVegas were a hit with commuters at London Waterloo and King’s Cross stations respectively.

Victoria’s Secret placed a double decker bus at London Victoria station‘s external site. Brand ambassadors gifted commuters with discount vouchers and a free bra fitting service.

Last year, M&S surprised commuters at Manchester Piccadilly and London Waterloo stations with roses on the morning of Valentine’s Day!

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