Student Spaces

The student demographic is a great target for brands looking to create lifelong customers


Influx of Students

Universities all over the country are preparing for the start of a new academic year. Cities and towns with large universities are expecting an influx of students – according to Kampus, the number of students enrolled in Higher Education institutions in the UK is 2,862,620. With the number of students rising from last year, there is plenty of opportunities for brands to reach new audiences by targeting locations with high student populations.

SpaceandPeople‘s Brand Experience team has curated a list of student spaces that are sure to see an increase of footfall with the beginning of the academic year. There are also a host of Fresher’s Week activities and student events for new and existing students. Brands can utilise these locations and events to reach their target audience effectively.

Attracting Gen Z

By creating memorable experiences during Fresher’s Week and other student events, brands can attract lifelong customers from the Gen Z demographic. As the UK is a popular study destination for international students, brands are able to spread awareness of themselves to a world-wide audience through experiences the students can share with their families from abroad.

SpaceandPeople can help you choose the best spaces to reach your target audience! Experiential activations are a great way to raise brand awareness and connect with consumers. These student spaces will help put your brand in front of a wide range of consumers.

Connect with your target audience during Fresher's Week and beyond at these student spaces!

Stations near Universities

Shopping Venues near Universities

City Centres near Universities

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