Soft Drink Sampling

We have seen a wide range of soft drink brands carrying out sampling activations so far this year!

Recent soft drink sampling campaigns

SpaceandPeople have been involved in matching a range of soft drink brands with their target audiences so far this year. Summer is a particularly popular time for such campaigns to either raise brand awareness of an existing product or launch their latest product ranges to consumers. Many of these promotions chose a roadshow option to maximise the scope of their activation. Train stations are particularly popular for soft drink sampling, as the high footfall helps brands reach a wide range of demographic groups in a short amount of time.


Pepsi brought multiple sampling roadshows to consumers this year! The brand worked with Ann Squared to promote the new Pepsi Max Mango flavour at London Victoria and Waterloo stations. iD Agency also worked with the brand on a sampling campaign for the original Pepsi Max, which allowed passers-by to get another drink from a partner store with a coupon. The sampling promotion visited a range of train stations including Liverpool Lime Street, London Bridge, Paddington, Waterloo, Charing Cross, Euston and King’s Cross.

Zip Water

Zip Water worked with HighJam, visiting both London Victoria and Waterloo stations. The activation incorporated an experiential element by encouraging passers-by to compare the taste of water filtered through the brand’s taps against average tap water. A lucky customer also had a chance to win a free Zip Hydrotap!

Red Bull

Red Bull visited Glasgow Central station as part of a promotion for Red Bull Contested! The brand brought the iconic Red Bull Mini Cooper and 10,000 of samples to give away to passers-by throughout their time at the station.


Lucozade promoted the new Energy Orange soft drink by distributing samples to commuters and leisure travellers. The promotion was created with SC Events Marketing and visited a wide range of locations, including Liverpool One, White Rose, Trinity Leeds, Cabot Circus, Meadowhall, Brighton Jubilee Square, Castlepoint, Birmingham New Street station and Bullring! The brand gave out 10,000 bottles of the soft drink at each location.


London King’s Cross station was the location chosen by Tropicana and Scene2 for their fun ‘Be More Kid’ promotion! The soft drink brand brought an oversized trampoline bed for passers-by to jump on, as well as samples of their new product.

Irn Bru x GICF

Irn Bru announced their partnership with Glasgow International Comedy Festival with a ‘Canned Laughter’ Club at Glasgow Central Station! Comedian Ray Bradshaw challenged passers-by to make him laugh, with a chance to win tickets to some of the most popular shows on the festival line up.

Vitamin Well

Flavor. worked with Vitamin Well to promote the water brand with a sampling campaign at a range of stations! The brand gave out over 1,500 samples of the product per day at each venue.


Visitors to London King’s Cross station were delighted by a Sprite vending machine distributing free cans of the popular soft drink! The activation was created by Collaborate Global. Sprite also sought to reach consumers travelling to Reading Festival with a sampling campaign at Reading Station, which was facilitated by N2O.

Sampling activations are an easy way to introduce your product to consumers

Sampling gives consumers a chance to experience the product first-hand, without any commitment. It’s an effective technique to encourage passers-by try out a new product. To maximise the effectiveness of the sampling campaign, it’s important to choose a location that will allow your brand to reach its target audience – our team of experts can advise.



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