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This experiential space trends paper showcases a range of experiential activity in the UK during 2022 and provides key industry insights. It features many of the brands that SpaceandPeople worked with to find the right audience for their amazing activations. Also, the trends paper looks at some of the opportunities available in 2023.

With experiential activity steadily increasing throughout the last year, brands and agencies have benefitted from the expertise of our Brand Experience team in finding locations best suited to reach their desired audiences.

The trends paper discusses the state of the experiential industry after the pandemic. It looks back at what kinds of activations were the first to come back, and gives an overview of how the industry ramped up throughout the year, including:

  • The most popular activation locations from our bookings and the reasons for those choices
  • The different kinds of promotions taking place in various venue types
  • Experiential space trends by sector
  • Seasonal fluctuations in activity types
  • Different types of products used in sampling campaigns
  • Thoughts on the activations from the agency, venue and public’s point of view

The paper looks towards the future as well, discussing some key events coming in 2023. We believe these will be essential for brands looking to raise awareness with their target audiences. 

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