#BackToHogwarts at King’s Cross Station

The magic of Harry Potter returned to King's Cross station with the annual #BackToHogwarts promotion!

Fans of the Harry Potter series were delighted with the return of this #BackToHogwarts promotion at King’s Cross station. The Wizarding World extended a warm welcome to young wizards and witches returning back, or beginning their first year, of magical education.

The whimsical activation took over London King’s Cross station, with exciting elements both inside and outside of the station. King’s Cross station is a great option for takeovers, as it has a large internal exhibition site as well as an external site that sees traffic from both those travelling to and from the station, and other passers-by to popular destinations such as The British Library. The activation was created by Premier Comms who did a fantastic job at creating a magical experience!

Plenty of excitement for Harry Potter fans

A huge crowd gathered on September 1st, participating in the countdown until the Hogwarts Express ‘left’ the station. King’s Cross station saw over 97,000 visitors on that day, a mixture of commuters passing through the station and fans that gathered to participate in all of the exciting events. Over the three days of the activation, King’s Cross station was visited by over 300,000 people. Many were enchanted by all of the magic brought to the station by this promotion.

Fans of Harry Potter came dressed in their magical best, with plenty of representation for the different Hogwarts Houses! Brand ambassadors were on hand to paint different images from the books and movies on people’s hands and faces. There was plenty of Harry Potter LEGO to see including a life-sized hippogriff statue. The immersive Hogwarts Legacy game was also promoted, with a stand allowing the public to try out the gameplay for themselves. Outside, passers-by were able to enjoy a bottle of butterbeer while relaxing in the sun.

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