Automotive Promotions of 2023!

Car promotions in high footfall locations enable brands to raise awareness of new models and engage with potential buyers

Trends in car promotions

According to the National Travel Survey 2021, 33% of households own two or more cars and in 2022, around 1.94 million vehicles were sold in the UK. With so many brands and car features for consumers to understand however, it is more important than ever for automotive brands to raise awareness of their different models and the features that differentiate them to consumers looking to purchase a new vehicle. 

Automotive promotions with car placements enable interested members of the public to see the models up close and ask any questions they have to knowledgeable brand ambassadors. SpaceandPeople have worked with a range of brands and local dealerships on a variety of automotive promotions in the last few months (both with car placements and without), particularly in the run up to the recent license plate release. We have seen an increase in electric vehicle promotions, which aligns with the facts that electric vehicle sales have gone up by around 30% in 2023 compared to last year. 

See some of our favourite car promotions listed below!

Land Rover

Land Rover worked with Ann Squared to bring this amazing installation to King’s Cross station! The promotion featured a cube printed with graphics advertising the new Jaguar Land Rover Defender.


Shoppers at Metrocentre were delighted with an exhibition of multiple Lexus vehicles. This car promotion was brought to the shopping centre by PAB Studios. through a collaboration with the local Stoneacre dealership.


Jack Morton worked with Ford to bring the electric Ford Mustang on a roadshow around the UK! The promotion visited London Waterloo and Manchester Piccadilly stations and St James Shopping Centre. Engaging brand ambassadors were ready to answer any questions!


We worked with Strata to find the best locations for Polestar to advertise their latest models. The brand has visited a range of locations throughout the year, including Edinburgh City Centre, Brent Cross shopping centre, Highcross, Liverpool ONE, Newcastle City Centre, Bullring and Westgate Oxford. The car promotion allowed passers-by to familiarise themselves with the vehicles.


St Leonards Motors Group placed multiple Toyota vehicles on the external space at Chantry Place! The site is on the main walkway to the centre and can be seen from multiple vantage points.


It was great to work with Artrato to find the best space for Sturgess Hyundai to promote their dealership with a car placement at Beaumont Shopping Centre!

Looking to learn more?

Our friends over at Promohire have released a great article about the top 5 cities for a promotional vehicle campaign – make sure to check it out to learn more!



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